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Internorm are Europe’s leading manufacturer of triple-glazed windows. Combining elegant style with class-leading levels of thermal efficiency, Internorm are simple the finest windows you will find.

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Thermal Efficiency

Internorm windows can be specified to different U-values depending on what you want to achieve. The range is from a Uw value of 1.1 down to around 0.62 W/m²K, suitable for passive houses. Thermally efficient windows lead to lower heating costs, more comfortable environment and can help lower your carbon footprint.

Low-maintenance Aluminium Cladding

Internorm windows are clad with Aluminium on the outside, which means, apart from being extremely stylish, there is very little maintenance required apart from an occasional wipe-down with soapy water. The inside is can be timber but is also available in uPVC depending on customer choice.

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