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Passivehouse Windows Ireland

Here at Feneco Systems, we supply and install high quality, high performance Passivehouse windows across Ireland. If you’re looking to upgrade and enhance your home, contact our friendly, expert team today.

Here at Feneco Systems, we supply and install high quality, high performance Passivehouse windows across Ireland. If you’re looking to upgrade and enhance your home, contact our friendly, expert team today.

passivehouse windows ireland

Market Leading Passivehouse Windows

Whether you’re a developer or a homeowner, our range of Passivehouse windows are the perfect choice for any building project in Ireland. They boast a sleek, elegant form and amazing, energy efficient performance, among other benefits.

We are proud to be the first ever partner of Internorm here in Ireland. As a result, we have a close working relationship with Internorm and can supply and install an amazing range of their windows. This includes their timber aluminium clad windows, uPVC aluminium clad windows, and Passivehouse windows.

These triple glazed window styles are stylish and secure, constructed with a focus on giving superior energy and thermal performance. Double glazing is well known for its superb function when it comes to keeping your Ireland home warm, but triple glazing gives you a literal extra layer of protection and performance.

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What are Passivehouse Windows?

These windows are designed to meet Passivhaus certification standards. This means they have been fully tested to make sure that they achieve great energy efficiency and thermal performance.

Better thermal efficiency means you need to use less energy to keep your home at a pleasant and steady temperature because your windows are doing all the hard work for you. You may find that you can stop needing your central heating as much as a result! Less energy used means lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint. Therefore, the better your windows perform, the better for your wallet and the better for the planet.

Passivehouse windows are a future focused way to make your Ireland home work harder for you in the long term. That’s why we partner with market leaders Internorm to provide their range of top-notch triple glazed Passivehouse windows. We want to ensure you’re getting the very best there is, that will serve many benefits to your Ireland home and the planet for decades to come.

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Benefits of Passivehouse Windows in Ireland

Our range of Internorm Passivehouse windows are designed for superior thermal performance. However, that’s not all they’re great at – these slim, stylish profiles will add tons of beauty and charm to any Ireland home. They’re also built with security, stability and longevity in mind. And as a bonus, they have very low upkeep needs!

Triple glazing and sturdy composite frames provide an almost totally unbreakable barrier from any external threats, whether it’s bad weather or would-be burglars. These thick, sturdy windows are sure to keep most anything out!

Composite Passivehouse windows give your Ireland home the best of both worlds by combining timber’s solid strength and stunning style with the insulating, low-maintenance, weather resistant features of uPVC. Each material is used cleverly to counteract the downsides of the other so that you get all the benefits and none of the downsides! For example, whilst timber can be prone to all manner of problems caused by rain, by encasing the timber core in fully weather resistant uPVC, you’re fully covered from any rain damage!

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passivhaus internorm windows ireland
internorm triple glazed windows ireland

Internorm Passivehouse Windows

Internorm are one of the leading manufacturers for triple glazed Passivehouse windows in Europe and Ireland, making them a truly excellent choice for your next home upgrade project.

These windows offer unrivalled security, style and energy efficiency. Their manufacturing team use innovative technology and design to create truly next level windows, which are then fully tested to ensure that they’re achieving true excellence.

In fact, their range of Passivehouse windows is so good that they don’t just meet Passivhaus certification standards – they often exceed them! For the very best thermal performance, there’s no other choice than these incredible windows, which are capable of reaching U-values as low as 0.8w/m2k!

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Passivehouse Windows by Feneco Systems in Ireland

As the first company in Ireland to partner with Internorm, you can be confident that we’re dedicated to the Passivhaus certification concept. Environmental impact is a growing concern in the home renovation trade, and we are passionate about improving the eco-credentials of our services and products. But we won’t ever compromise on quality. That’s why we chose their range of Passivehouse windows; because it’s an amazing range of windows that combines eco-friendly energy efficiency with gorgeous style and high security!

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passivhaus windows ireland

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