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At Feneco Systems, we install triple glazed windows, doors and winter gardens for homes throughout Northern Ireland, including Coleraine, Belfast and the surrounding areas. Use our online quoting engine today, and our team will be in touch with your free triple glazing quote.

At Feneco Systems, we install triple glazed windows, doors and winter gardens for homes throughout Northern Ireland, including Coleraine, Belfast and the surrounding areas. Use our online quoting engine today, and our team will be in touch with your free triple glazing quote.

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Triple Glazed Windows & Doors, Coleraine & Northern Ireland

Our highly efficient triple glazing products offer property developers in Northern Ireland the opportunity to enhance their home with an exceptional home improvement solution.

Each Internorm window and door within our range is supplied and installed with energy-efficient triple glazing as standard.

As the oldest supplier and installer of Internorm triple glazed windows and doors in Ireland, we have had plenty of experience handling commercial and residential developments throughout Northern Ireland. As a result, we have seen the difference that Internorm high-efficiency triple glazed window and door units can make to their aesthetic, external noise reduction and performance.

Please phone a member of our experienced sales team for more information on 028 702 20002 or to book an appointment at our showroom to view the product line.

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Internorm is the most well-renowned and leading manufacturer of triple glazed windows and doors throughout Europe. Their enhanced passive House products are unrivalled within the market today and always deliver optimal performance, style and class.

Internorm design and manufacture an extensive range of triple glazed windows in composite uPVC-aluminium windows and timber-aluminium windows.

We also supply and install the full range of Internorm triple glazed doors including triple glazed aluminium entrance doors, lift sliding doors and timber-aluminium entrance doors.

Regardless of which Internorm triple glazed window or door is chosen, properties throughout all of Northern Ireland, Coleraine, The North Coast, Belfast and the surrounding areas will instantly perform better.

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Solarlux has developed a reputation as one of the market-leading brands for home improvement products for more than 30 years. They operate on an international scale, and their products aim to enhance the way their customers properties look and feel.

We offer triple glazing on all of our Solarlux products, including triple glazed wintergardens as well as triple glazed doors such as bifold doors, Cero sliding doors and patio sliding doors.

When you choose Solarlux for your triple glazing in Northern Ireland, you will notice a significant difference in the way your property looks and feels.

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Thermal Efficiency

Unlike your standard windows and doors, our products add an extra pane of glass and specially engineered Composite frames for extra protection and enhanced performance. One of the main benefits of triple glazing is superior thermal insulation and noise reductions of up to 47 decibels on some systems.

With multi-point security as standard and invisible hinge systems all systems exceed security ratings and are rated as high as RC1N / RC2.

Triple glazed windows and doors from Feneco Systems are designed to meet and exceed the standards currently set by current building regulations for energy efficiency performance.

Within our triple glazing range, the windows and doors can reach u-values as low as 0.6 W/m2k, allowing them to achieve and exceed all Passive House certification for every system they manufacture.

This means that heat will be retained throughout your property for longer periods of time. As a result, not only will your property in Northern Ireland, the North Coast or Belfast will feel warmer and more comfortable throughout the year, but you will be able to reduce your energy bills too.

Make a difference to your property with triple glazing from Feneco Systems.

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Sound Reduction

Another benefit of triple glazed windows and doors sound reduction. Although double glazing does go some way toward preventing as much sound pollution as possible, triple glazing takes this to the next level.

Perhaps you live in a noisy environment such as near a train station, airport or busy main road, our range of windows and doors will mean you are largely unaffected from those distractions.

You will be able to sit in the comfort of your new home whilst enjoying your new triple glazed windows, doors or winter garden without the irritation of noisy or distracting outside influences.

Please find out more about how our range of triple glazing can enhance your homes sound reduction by speaking with a member of our team today.

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Customer Service

At Feneco Systems, we are always committed to always putting the best interest of our customers and their home improvement projects first.

If you have any questions about any of the products in our range and how our energy-efficient triple glazing enhances their performance, please feel free to ask our team.

We will always take the time to discuss your enquiry, offering you the best advice for you and the property you are working on. As a result, we can provide you with the best installation, and you can achieve the best result for your property in Northern Ireland.

Use our online contact form or give our team a call on 028 702 20002 to speak with us today.

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